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  1. jon jordan jon jordan

    looks like Darwin’s Law in action.
    “You there, dressed as the joker, out of the gene pool!”

  2. Guess he was just Jokin’ around!

  3. From the very sketchy bit the story actually says about the guy dressed as they joker, he reminds me of … high-school friends.

  4. Further proof that comic books are corrupting the youth and the stupid of America.

    Hell of a way to go out for the night, Warren.

  5. Welland Welland

    Americas finest once again keeping Batman out of work

  6. Seth Seth

    Now that’s one hell of a method actor. Or maybe just an unimaginative copycat. At times I wish there were a Creator, as his, “Well, what the fuck did you do that for?” would be priceless. It’s easy as hell to die in a hail of gunfire; shooting at cops and LIVING is much harder to do. There is no real practice round or do-overs there.

  7. No. I kill the bus driver.

  8. if only someone dressed as Batman had successfully intervened…

  9. Hryckowian Hryckowian

    He probably should’ve dressed up as someone who’s bulletproof.

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