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The Twitter account of industry magazine PRODUCTION WEEKLY just posted on teh twittarz:

The CW will again try to adapt Warren Ellis’ comic book "Global Frequency," this time Scott Nimerfro will script the pilot.

Which I discovered because half a dozen people retweeted it at me within about thirty seconds of it landing.

I haven’t been cleared to comment yet, so I can’t really add anything to this. I’ve spoken briefly to Scott Nimerfro — by which I mean I threatened to have him stabbed, and he thanked me and told me a funny story about how he’s had worse threats — and he is Okay.

Anyway. Yes. Shouldn’t say any more until I get the nod from the studio. But yes.

(Also, yes, I did tell John Rogers. But John, you know, has his own hit show LEVERAGE these days. One of his temple houris told me that John, from the depths of the bed made of golden vaginas that they wheel him around in, wishes me luck.)

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  1. Ya know, I’m not surprised. Too good a concept to let lie.

    I hope they can retain at least some of the anthology aspect of the comeek.

    And Roger’s version will gain cachet as a Lost Pilot.

  2. Eric TF Bat Eric TF Bat

    That final sentence is why you should be made poet laureate for life. Just saying.

  3. Glad to hear. If they sold the pilot and did an initial order of 1 episodes that would take you one out of where the original mini ran, would you be writing a script then?

    What was the music they used in the old pilot anyway? I’ve heard it used elsewhere and I wanted to track it down.

  4. Dekker Dekker

    That’s good news! I did enjoy the original pilot episode, you can see how much great effort went into it. Watching it again, it does now feel like a product of its time (altho the camera work and effects work really does still hold up wonderfully!) and, as I’m sure I don’t need to actually say – Mr Ellis’ ‘Global Frequency’ is quite timeless.

    Either way, its good news and I hope that this time is gets picked up.


  5. I hope for the best for you and the series.

    OTOH, I have just seen AMC’s travesty of The Prisoner and am in less than an optimistic mood.

  6. Caged Wisdom Caged Wisdom

    I checked imdb and Scott Nimerfro worked on Pushing Daisies. That makes him Good People in my book.

  7. Having been on the “Leverage” set in Portland, I can state quite unequivocally that the bed is not in point of fact made of “golden vaginas”, but rather, is a bed made of vaginas (species indeterminate, but not, I believe, human) spray painted gold.

    A subtle, but nonetheless significant difference.

  8. Guess it’s time to reactivate… too bad Rogers isn’t involved this time around, though. His enthusiasm for the original project was infectious.

    Still, I think if done right, this could be the kind of show that could make people take The CW seriously. Possibly.

  9. Gus Gonzales Gus Gonzales

    A fine day indeed when a good story rises from the ashes to get another go. Maybe some of the disappointed fans of the The Prisoner remake will get some satisfaction from this.

  10. Negus Negus

    Just curious if there is any further news on the likelyhood of this happening?

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