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Giant Bird & The Empire Of Feathers

Giant Bird is a London-based theatre company, and EMPIRE OF FEATHERS is their next production. At the link you’ll find a wonderful animated trailer for the piece, which ends with details of the performance (Camden, end of June):

A roaring industrial age of concrete oceans and steel-scraped skies draws to a close and three men set off in search of the infamous Red Sylvester, the rarest bird of all. Rifle Lancaster, a ruthless hunter hopes to look death in the eye; Lucey Fair, a decadent painter seeks to create a work of pure truth, and Ball Manhattan, a tycoon socialite strives to bring proof of magic back into the world. In this world, everyday objects transform into the extraordinary: a crumpled map becoms a mountain range and a string of fairy lights an endless waterfall in this vivid adventure.

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