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  1. Dave Dave

    Pretty good, though it was odd to see “Honor returned” written down instead of “On our return” in Duke’s report at the end. I guess the Joe’s voice-recognition software still has some bugs.

  2. Resolute started out Awesome. Even though SS and Zartan are two of my most favorite characters, their deaths didn’t make me hate the story. They worked for what they were.

    However, the parts that I thought could use a little reworking…. I’m not sure Duke would have had the authority to nuke two different parts of the world… considering Springfield I’m assuming was in America.

    The ending felt very rushed. The battle was very anti climatic… Could have used more Cobra Characters battling Joes at the end.. Not all mindless troopers.

    The rest of the series had a lot of development where needed but the ending did not clear things up for me. I needed some more closure with the rest of the parts of the story and characters that were left wide opened… Seemed like you either realized you only had ten minutes of script left or you simply ran out of time.

    Also, there should have been lots of blood in the SE/SS death fight.

    This could have easily been a two hour movie and I think then everything would have been perfect.

    All in all this is the best JOE verse cartoon or story I’ve ever seen. It’s one of the best cartoons I’ve ever seen. I Loved the artwork and the writing… it wasn’t perfect but it was close. If only there was more time allotted I think it could have been flawless.

    I would still like to see a series come out of this.. and who knows.. maybe Zartan survived..

  3. “You nuked Siberia and all you got was a limp?”


    Also, isn’t the voice artist playing Joe the same guy who did Garrick in Thief? /geeknowledge

  4. RMC RMC

    Springfield? lol
    Good stuff. I was never a Joe/Action Force fan so this was a nice tour of that particular sandbox.

  5. longbowhunter longbowhunter

    Hands down this was the best JOE animated anything. Definitely left me wanting more though…hopefully they will decide to do a series or a prequel or just another animated series with the same serious tone. Any interest in jumping back into the COBRA universe Mr. Ellis? And btw,thanks for posting the YouTube links on here….its been far easier than dealing with the bullshit on Cartoon Networks site.

  6. Thom Thom

    The series was awesome. Not a Joe fan but that was great stuff. Well done indeed.

  7. Geoff W Geoff W

    While I was never the biggest GI Joe fan as a kid, I did dig them (well, the toys, at any rate), but the cartoon never captured my imagination. The “lasers-instead-of-bullets”-type nonsense killed it for me even as a kid. Resolute is the cartoon I wish I’d seen then (or maybe not, then I’d have been a HARDCORE Joe fan, and ignored other fun stuff).

    Nice work, Mr. W. I know you’ve said otherwise, but it’d be great to see more of this stuff from the tip of your pen. Ah well. I’ll take what I got and be happy.

    …loved the Stratellites, by the way.

    And before I forget – thanks for writing what is easily the most enjoyable ninja fight I’ve ever seen. You kept Snake-Eyes on my “top-ten coolest imaginary ass-kickers of all time”.

    Busted sword thru hand = hardcore.

  8. Ray Gilmore Ray Gilmore

    From Topless Robot:
    “You know how we all complain that so-and-so raped our childhoods? Well, this is the exact opposite…G.I. Joe: Resolute is like Warren Ellis made tender, passionate love to our childhoods, and he had an enormous dick.”

    Though I wouldn’t go that far, it WAS an excellent show. However, I feel it may be a massive cock-tease in regards to the potential abomination that hits movie screens in the Summer.
    Great job anyway, Warren. I loved the hell out of it.

  9. Question…

    “Honor returned to the site…?”
    was it meant to be “On our return to the site”?

    did something get screwed up or am i missing some esoteric military terminology…?

  10. GI Joe: Resolute-ly Over!…

    Here’s the final part of the amazing GI Joe: Resolute mini series:

    GI Joe: Resolute has been one hell of a TV show, Warren Ellis managed to succeed where many have failed: he managed to update Joe for the 21st century, make a kick-ass action ……

  11. I was sadly excited by the fact that piloted vehicles were exploding, and no parachutes were opening.

    I was also psyched that, not only was nobody shooting apparently harmless lasers, but people managed to aim straight, and hit a target at both close range and distanced.

    If only the movie could manage to be this good.

  12. Dave L. Dave L.

    “Also, isn’t the voice artist playing Joe the same guy who did Garrick in Thief? /geeknowledge”

    You’ve got Steve Blum (Duke and half a dozen other roles in this, also Spike Spiegel and ton of other anime dub work) and Stephen Russell (Garrett, and quite a bit of video game VO stuff) mixed up there.

  13. Jimbo Jimbo

    An excellent reinterpretation of the series, even capturing the terrible marksmanship of pretty much anyone firing a gun and still making it look cool. Only negative criticism I can field is that the ending didn’t have a public safety announcement tacked onto the end warning kids about the dangers of mistaking your local WallMart for a MallSpot (secret Cobra Base) and accidently being executed by Cobra for being a GIJOE spy when really you just want a box of condoms and some brown sugar.


  14. C. Kolves C. Kolves

    Finally, an updated GI Joe I can fully enjoy as both a fan of the original and an adult. Thanks dude.

  15. NeuroManson NeuroManson

    To paraphrase Rik from The Young Ones, “Finally, a kids show that isn’t written like it’s, er, for kids.”

  16. O. Chappell O. Chappell

    Warren, funk what everybody says. In respect to all the mythos you had to digest to carefully construct this story, I think you did one hell of a job. And I am a GIJOE fan!!! This makes me kind of wander what your interpretation of the Transformers would be.

    But that is neither here or there!

    The one thing that noticed by the pacing of the story is that you were carefully to balance the finality of the Cobra threat, which is completely understandable. Yo Joe, baby!!!

  17. dizturbd dizturbd

    I really loved this movie. I am a huge G.I.Joe fan. But, I was disappointed by a couple of things. First, Dialtone was not a female. Second, I was upset by the lack of the actual Joe and Cobra vehicles. Third, this version strayed quite a bit from what happened in the comic book universe. Snake Eyes lost his voice due to a wound in Vietnam. And although Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow had a falling out, they had a quiet brotherhood to them. There was no pact for death.

    Also, The death of Bazooka troubled me. He was a well-loved character in the original cartoon series. Not quite like Optimus Prime being killed off, but it was annoying that Bazooka was the one to die. I wish there were more of this revisioning, but a prequel so we can see more of Major Bludd, Storm Shadow, and Zartan.

  18. Chud Chud

    This pretty much blew anything G.I. Joe related out of the water. I wish you could of done the movie. I think it’s going to blow. Resolute was amazing! Good job having Cobra blowing up 10 million people and taking out Bazooka! Any plans on making some more? Please!

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