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The GI JOE miniseries thing what I wrote is out on DVD in the USA today, apparently. This was serialised on the web (you can probably still find all the episodes on YouTube) and broadcast as a whole piece on Adult Swim over there. It’s a weird sort of telepod fusion of the cartoons and the comics, filtered through whatever I found interesting about the franchise. I altered a fair amount of stuff, including characters, to amuse myself and to meet the brief of producing a slightly more adult-oriented piece that used the franchise without being beholden to its other iterations (including the recent live-action film, completed and released after I finished writing this). Lots of people hated the changes I made, and many didn’t understand that I’d actually specifically made changes and moaned that I’d got the characters wrong. Hasbro, the client, have told me that they were very happy with RESOLUTE. So screw those other people. Heh.


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  1. KentL KentL

    “So screw those other people.”


    I was a huge Joe fan growing up following both the cartoon and the comic–the comic being my favorite of the two. I had a ton of the toys, which I’ve passed on to my own son.

    G.I. Joe Resolute was the best incarnation I’ve seen since the original Marvel comic. Better than the Devil’s Due stuff (which I enjoyed). Much better than the current IDW stuff (which I’m close to dropping). Much, much, much better than the rubbish Hasbro approved for the big screen.

    I knew going in that some things would be different. Hell, as a kid, I was used to that since I followed both the cartoon and the comic, which rarely matched up. So maybe I was in the right mindset when I watched it. Still, it was good. Makes me wish that Paramount had hired you to write the live action movie (which is something I never thought I’d say).

  2. CT CT

    You know what, it ruled, and so do you Warren, keep doin shit your way!

  3. I am super excited about this DVD! Loved watching it on Adult Swim, and think it is the best incarnation of GI Joe (besides the toys). And I am pleased to see they are including the scene shown at Comic Con as bonus content. Good job, sir. It is not often I run out to get a DVD on release day.

  4. Peter Peter

    Until those Joe fanboys seriously pay your bills, sir, Hasbro’s happiness with your work is what ultimately counts at the end of the day. I loved your world in deep shit scenario in RESOLUTE…even if the Russian viewers might not.

  5. Brian Brian

    It was fucking awesome, bloody fucking brilliant, I lurved it to death.

    I grew with gi joes and thought your take on it was the bestist, thanks much!

    I’ll deff pick up the dvd, more money for you to keep writing awesome shit is a good thing. :D

  6. Jude Jude

    Yeah I thought the series was great as well. I was incredibly excited when it was announced that Cobra Commander’s secret base was in Springfield, since I live in Springfield, IL.

  7. Absolutely incredible. It was the G.I. Joe that I’d been waiting for since I was a kid. The characters were fallible, the ‘Team’ included the support staff, and Snake Eyes moved the way a commando killer should. The best part? No more stupid lasers. The only bummer for me was, killing Storm Shadow means there probably won’t be another. I really want more. THIS should have been released in the theaters. TOP NOTCH.

  8. nandox nandox

    this was perfect.

    i was and still am a huge joe fan.
    my first comic was a gi joe special missions.
    i still have a ton of toys and comics.
    the dvd release of the original series has me happy.

    this beat them all.
    please do more!!!

  9. JT JT

    Everyone I sent it to was over-the-moon about it. All guys who fondly remember the original cartoon. I suspect the mysterious haters are C.O.B.R.A. operatives, or members of the movie crew.

  10. mogrox mogrox

    I love your work on GI JOE Resolute!

    I’ve been praying that Hasbro retains you again to write either the same type of web mini-series follow up or a full-fledged TV show based on your version.

  11. Gabriel Gabriel

    The BEST GI Joe cartoon I have ever seen.

    Excellent work Warren, keep it up, and I hope they will ask you do do more work on GI Joe again.
    Excellent material.

  12. Neil Neil

    In my humble opinion, this is the best, most true to the essence of the property, world, and characters version of GI Joe ever crafted. Not that I had ever even come close to giving up on all things Joe, but when Resolute came out it certainly re-energized my interest and showed me what these characters *can* be when they are done right. Thanks, Warren!

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