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  1. Hi Warren, I apologize for approaching you through this journal and not directly but I’ve found it hard to find good contact page. My name is Joey Passmore and I’m an executive producer at the VoiceAmerica network. I’m currently trying to expand my network and really work with people that can speak to a more youthful and more alternative type of audience. I’ve been a fan of yours for a very long time and I wanted to hear your thoughts on the possibility of doing some work with us. I must be upfront and say that there is an initial investment that I can’t help and as a fan I’m truly sorry about that… but it would be all creator owned and done in whatever way you pleased and I must say the thought of you doing something that people can listen to or maybe even watch excites the hell out of me. If you’re interested at all or would like to hear more of what we do let me know. If not thanks for listening and thanks for years of brilliant work! You can email me at Thanks again!

  2. Ill Eagle Ill Eagle

    What’s the deal with Avatar’s coloring? It seems to be the same across every single comic they do… and frankly it detracts from a lot of the artwork.

  3. Peter Peter

    Egads! At first I was excited about the new Ennis-stuff, but then the lack of professionalism struck me, and I had forgotten all about it.

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