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  1. Eric TF Bat Eric TF Bat

    We could tell. Luke is such a thoroughly familiar character, and you’ve got his voice down pat. The characters in FA really are the strength, though of course the consistently excellent art and the slow burn plotting and the twists and turns are all up there too. This is some damn good work, Mr E.

  2. Allen R Allen R

    You are a sick, sick man. And I mean that in the best possible way.

  3. Ben Ben

    Possibly the best final panel ever

  4. Maggie Maggie

    This is the loveliest, most fucked up thing I’ve seen all week. I giggled madly.

  5. So glad I didn’t look at this at work, whoa gory!! Love the last panel.

  6. AndyHanson AndyHanson

    The words “Scally Twatcoffin” will be with me for the remainder of my days.
    Truely wonderful work.

  7. I posted this on twitter, too — the dialog in this ep was outstanding. Freakangels is always fun, but it’s obvious that you took particular joy in having Luke share his viewpoint with the others. And the shocked looks on their faces as this walking dead man rants at them is priceless.

    This is, by far, my favorite episode so far. Rock on.

  8. Juan Carlos Romero Juan Carlos Romero

    For some strange reason, I’m not a FreakAngels regular, I’ve read a lot of it, sure, but I always forget to keep up and I just get lost. Which is a “bit shit, really”. Anyway, I’ll stop being a complete wanker and I’ll just jump into the praise bandwagon, this installment rocked my socks off.

    You’re the shit, Ellis.

  9. Fr Fr

    For some strange reason I immediately thought: “The brain itself (the organ) is pain resistant”. Still, having large holes in your skull isn’t comfortable as Luke makes inimitably clear!

  10. purp purp

    I’d thought the deadpan understatement in every damn panel of the recap in 0097 was the funniest thing since the fucking chickens…

    …and then you come up with this.

    The first book of Luke The Merciful.
    (and clever)

    (I also had the same thought as Fr-, re:brain pain… but even if the _brain_ isn’t feeling it, the two holes in the skull probably sting a little… and the hole in the leg from Kirk… and Alice’s shotgun… and an nice assortment of other bumps & bruises… suffice to say, he’s had a kinda rough day, and is probably entitled to a little whining)

    also, flipping back a good 20+ episodes to the beginning of his history of holes (nevermind bruises) makes me realize that I really need to scrape together the cash for the trades, instead of collecting coffee mugs :p

  11. I would like to say that it is quite obvious that not only Warren had a nice time writing this ep, but also, the art is incredible, and it looks like Paul really enjoyed drawing it too.
    Damn, that is so cool.

  12. Fucking Brilliant.

  13. And fun to read, indeed. One of my favourite chapters yet.

  14. Martillo Martillo

    Man, Luke’s idea of an increasingly insane mind trapped in a decaying corpse is simply gold and the art…oh man, I’ve never seen injuries managed so well.

    Hats off to you, Warren and Paul!

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