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For reasons that frankly escape my understanding, Avatar are releasing a hardcover edition of FRANKENSTEIN’S WOMB this week. Apparently it’s seventeen American dollars. It has no extra material I’m aware of. If you want one, you’re probably nuts. One guy on Whitechapel says he’s getting one so he can lend his paperback version out. He’s probably nuts too.

Nice cover by book artist Marek Oleksicki, though.


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  1. Jonathan H Jonathan H

    Yeah, that cover is awesome. If I didn’t already have the paperback and if I didn’t just spend every penny I had on classes for the fall, I’d probably grab this version.

  2. Juan Carlos Romero Juan Carlos Romero

    Must get this. Don’t know when though, as alla’ m’money is already “compromised” on a ton other paperbacks.

  3. That looks pretty sweet, Warren. But seriously, when are you publishing another novel? Crooked Little Vein was just not enough, man.

  4. Fourthman Fourthman

    Why to purchase? When you’re trying to put out a sweet scan that includes all 3 of the covers (including the ltd edition cover from some con), one must include the cover from the hardcover. Just another grip of bills going in the direction of Avatar for another Ellis product.

    I’m not a big fan of the ltd edition cover (it looks like an Megadeath album cover) but the softcover and hardcover are both exceptional. Keep ’em coming!

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