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Fortress America, London SW4

The new US embassy to the Court of St James’s has been designed, says the US state department, to "reflect the values of the American people".


As reported by the Guardian, the new US Embassy in London is intended to be "a 12-storey cube clad in a blastproof glass and plastic fa├žade" surrounded by a 30-metre blast zone. In the proof image above, it looks not unlike a high-end bunker has been simply dropped from space on London, an impregnable and isolated chunk of America. And while security is an obvious and present concern, I think perhaps this building says a little more than it was intended to.

In fact, let’s admit it. IT’S A FORTRESS WITH A FUCKING MOAT. It doesn’t say "welcome to a little piece of America, one of the best ideas the world ever had and a country that welcomes the tired and poor and afraid." It says "if you even look at us funny we’ll pour boiling oil on you from the roof. Raise the drawbridge! Release the Mongolian Terror Trout!"

It’s pretty funny, really.

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  1. Have you seen the one in Istanbul? That really is a fortress….

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