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For the last several months, Ariana and I have been picking at the great volume of stuff I’ve written for the internet over the last seven years or so, on this site and elsewhere. And we’ve hacked and hammered and crammed until it fills about a hundred and seventy pages of your actual printed paper.

It will be available for ordering soon. But I’m so pleased with the cover Ariana built that I wanted to show it off in advance.


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  1. Hmm, a blueprint of your house… nice…

    Are there some “Do Anything” articles innit?

  2. That’s a great cover! I’m interested as to how the stuff’s gonna be modified for the print version. “Stuff I’ve written for the internet” is kind of broad, but I don’t expect to see print versions of the Conan! posts inside, along with the pictures.

    Or do I?

  3. Very nice. Is this POD/self published?

  4. Juan Carlos Romero Juan Carlos Romero

    Conan is the shit. We all want CONAN! Y’know, after all, what’s best in life?

    P.S Ah, I know what’s better, the upcoming SHIVERING SANDS!

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  6. Wowsa.. It’ll be on my XMas list.

  7. a. a.

    looking for cigar smoking / scotch drinking tips here.

  8. If this is anything like Crooked Little Vein or your comic work it will be bought and devoured during one monster shit in my plush White porcelain bathroom… Just like mother nature intended…

    I’ve read crooked little vein four times now, each time on the bathroom armchair… Ah! Good tomes…

    Can’t wait for this new one Mr Ellis, sir…
    Now what’s the chances of another fiction masterpiece, or are you already hard at work on your own “Jerusalem”?

  9. Andy Andy

    All is right in the world again.
    I just finished Crooked Little Vein and the first volumes of Desolation Jones and Fell so I was starting to feel a little bit despondant about what I was going to do with my spare time. I was even considering going outside amongst the people!
    Thank f*** for this.

  10. Marc George Marc George

    Looking forward to it and have already ready started spreading the word. Is this going to be self published?

  11. DestoryerOfTheYouth DestoryerOfTheYouth

    I can not wait for this, i love your writings.

  12. GunslayerMonk GunslayerMonk

    Hmm, I wonder if Warren was always planning to do something like this. Or if he’s smirking because he can pull it off.

  13. I should not be as annoyed as I am that you’re not using the Oxford Comma on that subtitle.

  14. Josh Josh

    Instant buy.

  15. I look forward to reading/re-reading your words.

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