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  1. Thumpsquid Thumpsquid

    Well, as it’s a Bernard Matthews’ turkey, the incoming flupocalypse will, at least, be Bootiful

  2. Hi Warren! Yes you are right, I have come for you! I am on your doorstep right now!

    Soon I’ll give you a ringbell. And then we will all have a nice party with my friends the yellow fever and the ebola virus!

  3. optical optical

    To the batcave… I mean, the underground bunker, Warren!

  4. You know, it’s funny, I just heard about it from my sister, and the first thought that crossed my mind was “let’s check Warren’s blog”

    I _knew_ I was going to find the info here :D

  5. “Turkey manufacturer”? Who knew they were manufacturing turkeys these days? That’s marvellous…

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