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  1. Trotsky Trotsky

    Damn! looks like I won’t be teaching there any time soon…

  2. Jessica Miller Jessica Miller

    Welcome to my silent(ish) Hell here in the land of Cleve, Ohio, USA.

  3. Don Don

    You should’ve seen my friend’s response. He did something worse than answer “yes”–he called out the idiocy of putting out a form like that. That alone will get you on a watch list.

    Some days I miss it. Some days, I’m so glad I moved.

  4. Susan Susan

    I’d be surprised, but this is Ohio- the heart of it all!

  5. Chris Chris

    Can you imagine being the one guy in Guantanamo Bay who has to explain to the others that that’s how they caught him?

  6. The_Pete The_Pete

    ~Plays the Canadian card~


  7. Jason Jason

    When I signed my contract as a teacher in Georgia, I had to sign a loyalty oath. I occasionally point out to my colleagues that it said I would not advocate the “violent” overthrowing of our government. Anything else should be fine.

    This is why I don’t get to teach Social Studies.

  8. MAdMaN MAdMaN

    *circles Yes*


    Can I have another form? I filled this one in incorrectly.

  9. DMcMahon DMcMahon

    al-qaeda isn’t on the list.

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