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Finally, A Use For Dogs

Colombian drug traffickers surgically hid heroin in puppies’ bellies in a plan to evade international customs controls, police said on Tuesday.

Acting on a tip-off, police found six puppies with scars on their abdomens at a rural property near the city of Medellin in northern Colombia, the Colombian Police said in a news release. Ultrasound scans revealed bags of liquid heroin hidden inside the living animals. Police said traffickers planned to retrieve the drug once the dogs had passed customs abroad.

Using animals for smuggling is unusual although drug smugglers often rely on couriers to swallow condoms full of drugs and one Colombian woman was once found with cocaine surgically implanted in her buttocks

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  1. so that’s why they sniff each other
    discovered this story about drug smugglers using dogs and thought Annie might find it amusing given her sudden curiosity last night about drug sniffing dogs. (discovered thanks to this post by warren ellis whose blog ya’ll should be reading if…

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