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Decided to open an occasional section for questions.  You can email queries to and I’ll get to them when possible.  Let me start you off with the most frequently asked, most boring questions, usually coming from people who don’t know how to use Google:

When will FELL return?

Ben has a script in hand, but he’s had a really tough couple of years.  He’ll get to it when he gets to it, and then I’ll write another one if he wants me to.  Sorry.  Real life here.

When will DESOLATION JONES return?

At this point?  Probably never.  Sorry.

When will NEWUNIVERSAL return?

It’s been cancelled by Marvel, and Marvel, as was their privilege as my employer, moved me on to other things.  As I was contracted to them, it wasn’t productive for them to have me continue to try and reconstitute lost scripts.

What lost scripts?

(Brief version.)  One day, a few years ago, my backups all got corrupted, and my backup device died. I didn’t have online backups at the time.  I’ll fix that on Sunday, I thought, as I was under deadline pressure. Saturday evening, my main machine died in flames. Sent it off for data recovery. The guy running the data recovery shop took it in and then went off to Europe for an operation. And died on the operating table. Came back to the shop to get my machine, because no-one was answering the phone, to find it boarded up, the (mostly off-the-books, apparently) employees scattered to the four winds, and the shop stripped down to the plaster. Not a computer left in there — not even mine.  I lost everything, all notes and scripts for work in progress as well as the entire archive.

(And no-one could do anything with the fucked backup discs, either.)

What happened to LISTENER, the book you have been listed on Amazon as writing?

Dead project.  I’ve since changed publishers.  My new novel is GUN MACHINE, which came out in January 2013 from Mulholland Books. The next one will be mid/late 2014, I’m not sure of the schedule there.

When will ANNA MERCURY 2 and DOKTOR SLEEPLESS be completed?

I’m halfway through the double-sized final issue of ANNA MERCURY 2, so, I expect you’ll see that by summer.  DOKTOR SLEEPLESS will, I hope, reach the same kind of conclusion by the end of 2012.  Maybe December, for the hell of it. {2013 edit: all this got bumped by a year}

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