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Yes. I wrote a short graphic novel — really more of a novelette or short story — called RED. It was illustrated brilliantly by Cully Hamner. It was a creator-owned work. Summit Entertainment acquired the film rights last year.

And, yes, according to Variety, Morgan Freeman is now in talks to co-star in the putative film adaptation alongside Bruce Willis.

And now you know about as much as I do. Heh.

Wasn’t expecting this to pop up the day before I leave for San Diego. Check the previous post for my San Diego FAQ.

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  1. Lars Holmqvist Lars Holmqvist

    Damn, if they pull THAT off it will be the first movie adaptation of a comic that I’d actually want to see. Turning comics into movies has NEVER worked imho, it always ends up ruining the comics qualities, but the way “Red” is structured it just might work. And Willis could probably pull off that stone-cold killing machine thing.
    Question is: would they let him die like that? Do they have the balls?
    “Rambo” was hugely diminished by the decision to let him survive in the movie version. Don’t let them do it to Paul Moses too…

  2. Melinda Melinda

    You are the coolest man alive.

  3. Eric Eric

    Just from the wiki synopsis it seems like another Bourne film or sum such. That being said I haven’t actually read it so I cant make any real judgments

  4. I’m glad to hear this, since I consider “Red” to be one of your strongest books. The page where an action scene is interrupted by several flashbacks of sniper assassinations, then returns smoothly to the present, is anthological. And Hamner’s artwork, like, say, Goran Parlov’s, overcomes its own cartoonish foundations and manages to render amazing narrative and impact.

    Safe travels, by the way. Enjoy the con, good luck avoiding that flu you guys seem to bring back with you after so much fanboy exposure.

  5. Michael McKenny Michael McKenny

    Aw Lars, cheers for the spoiler mate; coulda given me a bit of a warning.

  6. Paul Paul

    @Eric – but I’ll post my opinions anyway, eh?

  7. /d /d

    Hmm, what’s the name of that Gaiman short story…Goldfish Pond something. Possible future.

  8. Juan Carlos Romero Juan Carlos Romero

    Being a 3 issued deal, they can’t screw it up. I loved it. They just CAN’T screw it up…

    They’d have Cully making some posters, wouldn’t they?

  9. Tom Tom

    Red is awesome, such great pacing. the graphic novel, though, is very short, maybe 40 minutes of screen time, so I’m curious how they’ll extend it.

    part of the beauty of it is its simplicity and the (i’m assuming) intentional lack of background information on paul that is so masterfully referred to but never quite fully revealed. tough to translate.

    if i had one wish of any adaptation in life to see, it would be planetary as an HBO series (follow by the close to actually happening Game of Thrones by G RR Martin).

  10. James Bong James Bong

    I get the feeling this will either be very , very good or one of those things that we all just agree to never talk about again.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous

    A character in Red is called Michael Beesley. The Miami Heat of the NBA have a player called Michael Beasley. The Miami Heat play in red jerseys. Coincidence? I think not

  12. Oh my god, Morgan Freeman stars in E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

    Congratulations, and tons of luck with this!

  13. Eric Eric

    @Paul – hey, it’s a first impression.

  14. Lars Holmqvist Lars Holmqvist

    @Michael McKenny
    Damn, I’m sorry, I was kinda blinded by the fact that everyone I know has read it. Also, it is in a way a minor spoiler since the fact that everyone with a speaking part will get more or less creamed is sort of obvious from the get-go. What is interesting is the journey towards the end, which is incredibly well described.

    But you are right, I should have calmed down and thought before pressing submit. I was just so excited that someone, finally, might make a movie based on a comic that’s worth watching. Mea Culpa.

    Oh no, no no no. Not Planetary! One of the coolest stories ever, and impossible to film. And with enormous scope for fscking things up in casting, or adaptation, or timing etc etc.
    I actually spilled a tear when I heard someone was filming V for Vendetta, since I knew you could only shoehorn a tenth of it into a movie. I did it again when I heard that Watchmen was being filmed. Same thing there. Even as a series I think Planetary would have to be stripped down beyond recognition to translate into live action (or animation at that) and it would frankly be a sin to do that.

    Let Hollywood reprint the comics in eternity instead, if they want to make money off the story. Good reprints, on nice paper, with expensive commentaries by the author as a bonus…

  15. Ain’t It Cool has a piece up about Robert Schwentke possibly directing.

    “Robert Schwentke, German director of “Flightplan” (38% positive among “top critics” at Rotten Tomatoes) and “The Time Traveler’s Wife” (due Aug. 14), is talking to Summit Entertainment about helming “Red,” based on Ellis’ acclaimed graphic novel.”

  16. Paul Moses Paul Moses

    I’ve seen that the movie people have changed the main character name to Frank Moses.
    Paul Moses

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