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FAQ 2apr12

I see you have an iPad in your EDC, curious what apps you’ve found useful/productive?


This is going to be some deep dark tech nerd shit right here, isn’t it?

Managing information is a big part of my job.  So the topslice is:

Twitterific, for Twitter.  Flipboard.  Reeder, for reading Google Reader (which is wired into Pinboard for saving links and Instapaper for reserving long articles for later).  BBC news app.  Guardian for iPad in Newsstand.  Foreign Policy for iPad.  The Economist in Newsstand.  These are all daily, sometimes hourly checkpoints for me.  Can’t do without them.

For writing, I’m either in Plaintext or iA Writer — haven’t decided which I like better, a chunk of GUN MACHINE was written across both — or Quickoffice for iPad (which is currently being used more for reviewing documents).

Dropbox.  Dropbox Dropbox Dropbox.  All the writing programs hook into Dropbox.  It’s essential.

For sketching, I’m using either Bamboo Paper or Notes Plus.  Am test-driving Paper by FiftyThree right now.

For reference, I’m buggered without Wikipanion and Wolfram Alpha.

And, as I’m starting a new novel, I’m going to be living in Evernote more.

(For when the iPad is standing as a second screen, I use Trickle for Twitter and Readlines for Google Reader to use the iPad as a glanceable.)

And now we’re all in a coma.  THANKS.

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