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FAQ 22mar12

akiramich asked: My favorite WhiteChapel threads were the ” What’s in Your Everyday Bag?” posts. Can you tell us what you’ve got in your kit these days?

I don’t believe someone asked me this.  I took a quick photo with an old iPhone 3GS and spent a minute slinging some notes on it, badly:

You may be able to make out, resting on the keyboard case, a Boxwave stylus for iPad, for rough sketching.

That’s one Field Notes notebook and one Moleskine notebook.

Kindle and iPad are both wifi only.  The iPhone 4G is in an Otterbox case.  The e-cig brand is VIP, which I was turned on to by Sarah Pinborough.  At the bottom there is two pens and a propelling pencil.

If I’m just out for the day, the iPad gets left behind – that only comes with me on an overnight.  All regular business, I can do on the iPhone.  Which tires it out, hence carrying the battery sleeve.  The bluetooth earpiece is mostly used for listening to podcasts while on the move.

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