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FAQ 13mar12

The FAQchive is here.

sebastianburton asked: With all of these amazing books coming out at Image this year I was wondering if you had any new comic work other than that covered in your FAQs. Also, any interest in working with Annie Wu or Cameron Stewart?

No new comics work planned at all, right now.  I kind of ran out of collaborators, for one thing — all of my friends went on to bigger and better things, and, as I drifted out of the mainstream again, artists stopped contacting me.  Annie and Cameron are both very busy, and interested in other things.

(It’s no wonder: I just used “thing” or “things” about a dozen times in the same bloody para.  My excuse is that I am answering this just after having woken up.  Or I’m exhausted from policing myself from not doing that for 90K words of novel.  Take your pick.  Or assume I’m stupid.  I want to go back to bed and I do not care any more.)

inkcrash asked: Are you going to any cons this year? If there’s a list somewhere that I don’t know of that says this already, sorry for the silly question.

The only convention I’m attending this year is Kapow, in London, and I’m only going to be there for an hour, doing a Q&A on stage.  I’ve known Mark Millar, the organiser, for many years.  I couldn’t get there last year, and when he asked me this year to do an hour’s audience, I couldn’t very well say no.  It’s only 90 minutes from my house, after all.  Will probably be heading home right after.

You can email queries to and I’ll get to them when possible, or ask me on Tumblr.

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