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Experiments In Food: Baked Eggs With Stuff In My Fridge

Am finding the time to cook a little bit, lately.  Nothing flashy.  I did a pasta sauce from scratch which I’ll probably note in MACHINE VISION this week.  But I also did a quick lunch, which went like this:

Small roasting tin.  Slice up a handful of tomatoes – I had 12 cherry tomatoes still in the veg box – into halves and quarters, and lay them skin side down in the tin.  Drizzle over a little olive oil, a tiny pinch of sugar, a twist of salt and a dash of balsamic vinegar if you have it.  It will all look quite appetising.  Enjoy it, because it’s the last time this tin will look appetising for some while.

Bang it in the over at around 190C (Gas mark 5 or 375F) for half an hour, or until the tomatoes are starting to char.

Get the tin out, and smash the tomatoes up a little bit with a fork, to release a little liquid.  Leave the oven on.

Now… what’s in your fridge?  I had a handful of Swedish meatballs and a couple of spring onions.  So I sliced those up and scattered them over the tomatoes.  I attempted to make a couple of shallow indentations in the mess.

(I wouldn’t recommend bacon, or chorizo, because they’d release fat into the tin, and I think that would end badly for you.  But if you habitually keep cooked meats in the fridge, as I do, this is a great way to use stuff up.)

I then took two eggs, fresh from the chicken’s bum, and carefully cracked them into the two indentations.  If you have some smoked paprika in the house, sprinkle some over the yolks.  Bang it back into the hottest part of the oven for ten minutes or so, until the whites go white rather than that sort of phlegmy transparent disgusting nonsense.

At which point you get baked eggs with smoked paprika tops on a bed of (whatever was in your fridge), spring onion and quick-roasted tomato.

Which, yes, does look like some terrible accident happened in your roasting tin involving a chicken and a dog that got run over by a bulldozer while throwing up.  But it tasted really good, and took no time at all.  It’s mostly just slicing stuff and tossing it into a tin.

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