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EXCALIBUR/Untitled Arthurian Project

I was actually cleared to talk about this at San Diego, but all the press I did there was Japanese-oriented for the Marvel Anime deal… so I’m going to mention it here, to say I did, and to maybe make up for that by giving the comics news sites something to post post-SDCC.

I’m writing a film treatment for Hollywood Gang, who co-produced Frank Miller’s 300. Hollywood Gang have previously optioned my graphic novel (with Chris Sprouse) OCEAN.

On my desk, the treatment is called Untitled Arthurian Project.

On their desk, the project is called EXCALIBUR.

I’m working directly with Gianni Nunnari, Oliver Kramer and Craig Flores (whom I was delighted to bump into on the Warner’s lot the other day) and having a great time.

So… yeah. Movie stuff. Other things to talk about soon. I’ve been sitting on that one for months.

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  1. Kelly Kelly

    This reminds me of an author I know, Angelica Harris. Her most recent book, Excalibur Reclaims Her King, is the story of a modern day mother sent back to 6th Century to heal Merlin and raise King Arthur from the dead. Maybe you could work together? Check out her website and books–

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