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Even More “Bad Ideas Tested By Me”

Found, as ever, on Gingerbox:

– trying to help a friend get revenge on an evil hotel manager by shitting in a bag in a one-bedroom apartment with 13 dudes in it right when a bunch of chicks show up

– don’t lick the knife used to cut the cocaine, seriously you can’t feel your legs, for about a day. But you do feel pretty damn invincible so on the plus side you can jump out of trees trying to scare random people, who then call the rangers, who then invade your campsite find the licker and fire-making materials and give you a huge fine

-getting very drunk with your good friend who’s on 2 zolofts and at least 12 drinks. Doing drunking yoga. throwing a knee out while your at it and drunken friend yell “its ok i’m an emt, i’ll set it for you” which involves her just pulling on it hard and then punching the bartender

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