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End Of Tape

Well, I checked the stats on the system provided by the host I use for the Superburst Mixtape, Libsyn, last night, and it seems like they’ve gotten the stats system working again. The bad news is that Libsyn’s outages, so many people moving to iTunes for their podcast-catching (where people are still telling me they’re having trouble finding the thing) and, presumably, people losing interest have taken their toll.

Regular visitors will have seen the Player in the right-hand menu come and go at random over the last fewweeks. Libsyn provide a great service at a reasonable price, but if it doesn’t work reliably, and if I can’t give bands stats that show the word’s being spread, what’s the point?

Hell, they’ve been promising me they’ll take commenting off the download page for the best part of three months…

So Superburst Mixtape 25 will be the last one. I’ll give people a week to grab any they don’t have from, and then I’ll terminate the PayPal subscription, and the page will go away soon after. I’ve got other uses for the money.

Like giving Laurenn some cash to design me a t-shirt.

— W

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  1. […] Looking back at the last post, I see that I stopped listening to those shows ages ago. The novelty of listening to mostly ranting (ie drooling fan boy) wore off – although its possible they’ve gotten better since I stoppped. And Warren stopped doing his SuperBurst MixTapes. […]

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