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Electronic Music In The Classroom

This is a rather magnificent hauntological/retrotronic artifact by Jon Brooks, who records on the Ghost Box label as The Advisory Circle.

I’ve gone on at length in the past about the traditions of Confusing English Electronic Music. I realise it’s an acquired taste, and possibly only appeals to someone with certain life experiences, but nonetheless I love it. The tracks are short – if one experiment annoys you, click on to the next. And if you like it, click through and buy it for a very reasonable seven British quid.

It will be a good month for the Confusing English Electronic Music, as Ghost Box release the next two pieces in their Study Series on the 10th.

<a href="">In The Beginning by D. D. Denham</a>

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  1. rob rob

    yeah – i have that one. sadly, the only record of hers ever released during her lifetime…

  2. Neko Neko

    I turned on KEXP the other day, and caught the tail-end of an interview with Alex Paterson. They were playing a re-run of a documentary they made on The Orb.

    Just hearing that little sliver of it made my day.

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