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  1. Passion Of The Gumby Passion Of The Gumby

    Fuckin hell. That was great.

    Like I said, they keep getting better and better.

  2. el randall el randall

    flippn Jesus, how long has that guy been overratted for now?

  3. Haha, Manic Street Bejesus.

  4. ryan ryan

    you do love us, you do, you do

  5. Jamie Jamie

    One of them created a cult of credulous fools by fucking off, leaving his fans unclear if he was dead or alive and his thick, boring disciples living off his name forever. But Richey was cool.

  6. Odd Odd

    I liked that one

  7. Mr BunchyPants Mr BunchyPants

    decrypt this with ice, vodka, a ballpeen hammer, and several goats. live ones.

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