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  1. Marc Manzo Marc Manzo

    Love this one. Slutmonkey

  2. el randall el randall

    brilliant! keep ’em coming. I dont know about anyone else, but the Edison is my favorate portions of this site.
    oh, and mr. warren ellis.

  3. Melinda Melinda

    I think “Britmonkeys” is a synonym… isn’t it??? Or is that “Slutbrits?”

  4. Melinda Melinda

    I’m on a total Brit-fit today, aren’t I… how strange. Hrm. What have you been doing that’s annoyed my subconscious, you?
    I know it’s you. You’ve done… SOMETHING.

  5. I lick your brain in the night.

  6. I masturbate screaming “Warren!” over and over.
    For some reason it seems to unnerve my fellow bus passengers.

  7. Passion Of The Gumby Passion Of The Gumby


    Hilarious fucking genius. They just keep getting better.

  8. Hell yes! make me so happy, W.

  9. If we’re going by OED rules (i.e. other verifiable sources), the nearest title for an animal ‘cum’ harlot I can find is ‘Slut Puppies’

    Don’t ask how or why …

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