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Dr Uba’s Clinic

Someone just pointed me at this.  It comes with the comment

This just reached my desk. Flyer being handed out in Fourways

Dunno if I believe a word of it — although the cited website works

DR Uba: The doctor who will never hide his face to the public of change his name

— but if it’s fake, it’s very funny in a horrible ohgodno kind of way.

EDITED TO ADD: mystery solved. It’s apparently marketing for a film called NIGHT DRIVE. Fun piece of work.

EDITED TO ADD: and then @nic0 on twitter showed me this:

Apparently the guy got stabbed in the end.

SECOND EDIT TO ADD; I’m down the rabbit hole now, Peter Gasston just told me that he used to be called, I shit you not, Unbeatable Atif:

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