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Don’t Fire Walk With Me, Because Look FIRE

At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, I walked across this.

I was in the Los Angeles Times yesterday.  Probably some other things have happened too, but here in the second week of Book Launch I am frankly pretty fried, and am looking forward to taking some time off and hiding somewhere at the end of the month.

Almost all writing stopped when the book launched, and I’ve been a professional emailer for ten or eleven days at this point.  I’m getting itchy: to go back into New Novel, to develop whatever SPIRIT TRACKS ends up being called, to work up some graphic novel ideas, to kick around a couple of notions for other media.  Or even for the time to finish reading this excellent Ian Rankin book before we interview each other next week.

I’m hoping that today is the day that everything calms down and I can get back to making things.  Which is probably ridiculously optimistic.  But my fingers always crackle a bit at the top of the year, wanting to write new things down and start some changes.

(This could be psychosis brought on by quitting Red Bull.)

This was today’s post.  One every weekday until I get all the way back on the horse.

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