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DO ANYTHING: On Release 21 April 2010

On release in North America from tomorrow, and in Britain from whenever the Icelandic Sky Shit breaks up – DO ANYTHING: Jack Kirby Ripped My Flesh, a short book about comics and things.

You can still read the whole thing online in its original serial form, too.

I’m quite fond of this little book. Here’s the cover: design by Ariana Osborne, art by Jacen Burrows, published by Avatar Press. USD $5.99 or nearest local equivalent.


"…a grand tour through comics & culture as seen through a burgled robot head. The robot head of Jack Kirby lives on Warren Ellis’ desk. It knows everything and is connected to everything. You must obey the robot head of Jack Kirby.

"There are many ways to look at comics. In this book, we see the medium through the hazy android eyes of Jack Kirby (actually the stolen and repurposed head of the missing Philip K Dick robot, which Mr. Ellis confesses to swiping off the back of a plane), taking a rattling ghost-train ride through the history of comics. David Bowie, the CIA, mad architects, Will Eisner, Frank Zappa, Tintin, the designer of Skylab, a train station in Paris, Arthur C. Clarke, the circus, the Black Panther Party and William S. Burroughs: all of these things are connected by Jack Kirby, all part of the secret history of comics, and all illustrating the special nature of the medium as the place where you can do anything."

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  1. Brenda Almeyda Brenda Almeyda

    You are the Harry Dresden of comics, and Jack Kirby is your Bob.

  2. Jesus. I wander away from the campsite, silent for three days, three fingers, three smokes, and all this incredible shit happens.

    Congratulations on DO ANYTHING and CAPTURED GHOSTS.

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