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DISCORDIA is an ebook about the state of Greece this past summer, written by Laurie Penny and illustrated by Molly Crabapple.  They went to Greece together to get boots on the ground, Molly sketching and Laurie making notes right there.  It’s published by Random House.  It is really, really good.

If you click through here, the Look Inside should show you Paul Mason’s excellent foreword.

The editor, Dan Franklin, wrote an interesting bit on its genesis and production here:

Molly actually created most of the art first and Laurie wrote after it. I explained to Molly that the majority of readers would be using black and white e-ink devices, so she focused on black line-drawings with the only colour really being the red bloodstains of the violent anti-Golden Dawn protests.

She created a mix of predominantly finished pieces and sketches to communicate the in-the-moment nature of the reportage, sketching as Laurie did notes. We’ve ended up with 36 pieces in the finished ebook, which weighs in at 24,000 words – and if anyone complains about that being priced (under) £2 ($3), they don’t deserve it.

Obviously, I’m biased, as I adore both the little monsters.  But I think it’s turned out to be one of Laurie’s very best pieces, and Molly, who’s been levelling up all year, hit a new high mark in the illustration herein.

And, right now, it is literally $3.10 in the US and under £2 in the UK.

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