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Did You Never Wonder Why I Live By The Sea

Shamefully ganked from her Flickr stream.

I received a great many kind birthday messages yesterday. Thank you for all of them.

This one particularly threw me for a loop. And to the left there’s the one from Zo. She has to wish me a happy birthday by law: I sort of introduced her to her husband, and so I now own half the valves of her robot “soul.”

Scroll down just a little bit at this link here to find details of the forthcoming TRANSMET Dr Sketchy’s session in NYC.

If you’re looking for something new to read, the Webcomics Week at my message board is turning into a really prime list of fresh reading material.

The last issue of my somewhat troubled run on ASTONISHING X-MEN came out this week. I resigned from the book some while ago, to give them plenty of time to put a new team in place, which I believe has happened. I imagine they’ll do a much better job than I did! The writers’ only real problems are going to be finding artists of the rarefied caliber of Phil Jiminez and Kaare Andrews, whom I was both lucky and delighted to work with (again, in Phil’s case).

Anyway. I have FREAKANGELS episodes to finish today, and I haven’t even opened my newsfeeds yet. Onwards.

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