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  1. Vahokif Vahokif

    So, because he doesn’t believe in a deity that would care about his mystic rituals, he performs a ritual?

  2. Wouldn’t a de-baptism be more akin to rolling around in the mud with a pair of naked lesbians? And if not, why not?

  3. AllMadHere AllMadHere

    I would like to emphatically agree with Christopher’s suggestion.

  4. Vahokif, no, it is just something you hang on the wall to point to guests when they start talking about religion.

  5. Vahokif:

    “Obviously, our irreverent certificate of debaptism is a bit of fun” should explain Your concern.

  6. Heh – make that naked lesbian novitiates while being filmed by a daisy chain of escaped defrocked priests enjoying themselves.

  7. A. A.

    Even the mere posting of this certificate might be used by some to argue that you are the Devil. Or at least one of his minions.

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  9. Midlander Midlander

    The first thing that struck me about this story is ‘what a lovely little earner!’ There is no charge for baptism but you have to pay £3 to receive ‘de-baptism’ from an organisation that has no juristiction to give it!!

    It’s clearly a publicity stunt paid for by the gullible! If people want to complain about infant baptism, they need to start with their parents – they were the ones who chose it in the first place!

  10. jackfrost jackfrost

    Sorry! Once your baptized there ain’t no getting rid of it. Your stuck with it for the rest of your life. Kind of like a tatoo that won’t go away. If you want to go to hell so badly, you surely can but you will go being baptized!!!!!

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