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DEAD PIG COLLECTOR Approaches On Cold Little Trotters

The UK product page should be up very soon, to join the US page for the thing.  Still waiting for the links to other ereader systems to process.  I think we’ve settled on “digital short story” to describe the monster.  Live date is June 18 for the US, and June 20 for the UK.  I know nothing about its availability in any other territory at this time.  Proper press release and quotes and things are to come soon.

This may not be of interest to anyone but me, but it turns out that fully one quarter of the traffic to this site comes from the autoposter that sends out “new post” links to Twitter.

I was talking to Craig Mod the other night about blogs and websites, “home bases” and domains and the way things are changing.  An apt time to talk about change, when I’m here hawking a short story being sold by a big publishing house…

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