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  1. Agreed. I think I’ll invest in a few.

  2. Chris Hickey Chris Hickey

    I have one of their ties–it’s swanky as shit.

  3. ChrisD ChrisD

    I’ve got one of their ties. I was the best man at my best friends wedding last year and the couple bought ties for all the groomsmen. It was so cool because they were able to choose designs to fit each of our personalities and interests. My tie has a V8 engine block rosette pattern. Awesome tie.

  4. Nothing says “Space Trekkerz” like a fancy bowtie.

  5. Thanks for the link. I wear Liberty ties as a rule, normal for work and bow for the opera, but I’ve now bought a Cyberoptix Crash bow that should make its début at Glyndebourne at the end of the month.

  6. […] Ellis szubkulturális pápa fedezte fel, hogy valakik gyártanak olyan nyakkend?ket is, amik halálosan men?ek. A Cyberoptix mintái […]

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