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  1. Me as well. I am heading back to cheery US after a brief work stay here in Portugal and I wanted to stay up all night since my car is taking me back to the airport at 4:30. Found this on their site and it made my FUCKING NIGHT. I had no idea you were interested in NIN Senor Ellis. Please tell us your thoughts… favorite tracks? Most hated? I am absolutely loving The Greater Good and God Given as well as Capital G. And I’m drunk on portugese beer.

  2. fuck yeah it is. i just saw them at paradiso last month and they ROCKED! i’ve had my violent heart on repeat for like three days.

  3. God DAMN it, Warren, do you know what you’ve done?

  4. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis


  5. Apperantly you have given permission for tons of web devotees to like Nine Inch Nails?

    Is that bad?
    Is the subculture of industriallovingontheinside/poloshirtontheoutside Warren Ellis fans going to come rushing out of the closet?

  6. What it is, is that it’s funny to me to think of people who never thought about liking Nine Inch Nails will now find a deep and abiding love, because you say it’s okay.

  7. Coyote, the original bastard Coyote, the original bastard

    As good as Downward Spiral ? Most of Fragile was pure shite and the Teeth album was okkkkayyyy.

  8. Jencendiary Jencendiary

    Oh, it’s not like people haven’t been unfortunately riding the bandwagon for years. Usually it’s just because they think chicks who like NIN are freaky. Ellis fans would be a step up.

  9. myk myk

    This pleases me. Its like finding out two ex girlfriends are now fast friends. But without all the awkward talk of my sexual prowess.

  10. Thanks for the link to da vinci automata, our anthology project is also open if anyone is interested.

  11. Dracko Dracko

    Yeah, this is probably Trent’s best album since The Fragile and Broken. He’s definitely maturing and outgrowing all of his idols and competitors on this one (Sorry lads, but Skinny Puppy have been a total joke these past few years). It’s spare, tasteful, but still has that singular “Reznor” element and rage.

  12. Chris Hickey Chris Hickey

    He plays a fucking xylophone on the album. Come on; that’s quality musicianship right there.

  13. Will Will

    Random comments: Skinny Puppy still exist? Girls who like NIN are freaky, but in a really fantastic way. Bandwagon Jumpers have been around since the wheel was figured out, so there’s not much use in getting upset about it.

  14. DeskMonkey DeskMonkey

    “subculture of industriallovingontheinside/poloshirtontheoutside”

    Isnt that the majority of the NIN fanbase? We’ve all grown old and semi-respectable.

  15. Maciej Maciej

    check out the ARG (alternate reality game) that is being run alongside the album release. It fleshes out the future this album describes, and is really fucking cool and spooky. forums have a pretty good synopsis of what went down and where.

    It even spawned a small resistance movement….

  16. Frank Schmidt Frank Schmidt

    Well, it’s about time someone did a decent sequel to “Operation: Mindcrime.”

  17. i didn’t like after first listening, but can feel it getting better in repeat sessions.

    still better than WITH TEETH. hard to top DOWNWARD and FRAGILE anyway.

  18. yes, yes. it is very good, indeed.

  19. Chris Chris

    I went to a listening party for Year Zero a few weeks ago. Gloriously unsettling. Some people couldn’t handle it and left!

    Highly recommended: the song Flyentology by El-P, which features vocals and production by Reznor. Google “definitive swim” and you can find the video.

  20. Old NIN head from back in the day, I thought TEETH was shit but this is sounding pretty tight. Anyone notice that “Vessel” sounds almost exactly like “Closer,” even the opening lyrics?

  21. optical optical

    One very much NEEDS to get a primer on the whole ARG/guerilla marketing stuff to really get what YearZero is all about. Tracks like My Violent Heart and Survivalism sound quite different under the light of the dystopic fantasy played in the Art Is Resistance concept.
    Good stuff, then again, I’m a Trent whore. With Teeth, specially that crappy ‘Only’ track with the Apple-ad video made me doubt, but this renews my faith. Hail, Reznor!

  22. optical optical

    And yes, I’m a closet goth who wears polo shirts and khakis. And proud of it, mate!

  23. I am a girl and I like NIN. Although, I hardly think of myself as freaky.

    Excellent album, though. Thanks for the link.

  24. moody moody

    Heh. I had rather given up on NiN awhile back. Didn’t like Reznor’s habit of making everything he produced sound like he did and couldn’t find much of his stuff that really struck me as ‘fuck yeah’ anymore.

    Guess I’ll have to give the new one a spin just in case after all these people comparing it to “Downward Spiral” though.

  25. The first time a journalist ever took my desire to write seriously, he took me to see Nine Inch Nails with him in St. Paul. He was reviewing the show for the Pioneer Press at the time. This was back in 1994 when Marilyn Manson was opening for him.

    I will always be impressed with Nine Inch Nails. I’ll always, of course, be biased.

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