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CRECY On Amazon

Not sure why, but it turns out CRECY has a page on Amazon. Obviously, I’d rather you bought CRECY from a comics store — but if you don’t have a local comics shop, then this is an option, right? It’s out at the end of this month.

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  1. I’m buying it from my local comic shop, but really, the sheer adversity they put me through when I attempt to buy things, and the way they make me feel (not to mention the way they make all of my female friends feel) means that I wish I wasn’t.

    It’s to a point where if I had capital, I’d probably look at competing with them.

    But ooo, previews of the inside of the book.

  2. Elana Elana

    As a member of the comic-shop-clerk species, I’d like to extend my personal apologies to you, Will. Anyone who comes in to my store and buys Warren Ellis stuff gets extra special flirtings from me.

  3. Why is it better to buy at a comic shop? I don’t know how these things work.

  4. naomi naomi

    Because you’re supporting an independent book/comics shop, rather than a huge corporate giant like amazon. Which means better access to the more, ah, alternative material available.

  5. My local comics shop is full of superheros, pokemon, and awkward nerds. I don’t really want to support them. I rarely buy comics anyway, though.
    I just wondered if maybe Warren got a better royalties deal on shop sales vs. online merchants or something like that.

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