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  1. fogbat fogbat

    Really can’t frickin’ wait…

    Holding my breath until then would be a bad idea, though, wouldn’t it?

  2. J J

    Wonderful art by Mr. Massafera. I can see this appealing to the “300” audience for historic epics.


  3. That cover is so freakin’ awesome.

  4. Oh yeah. Hell yeah.

  5. matt matt

    I like that Americans will not understand that it is a rude gesture.

  6. Tim Tim

    i drool with anticipation

    not all americans are as stupid as you assume ‘matt’

  7. Raulo Rules!!

  8. Elbee Elbee

    Also its not a rude gesture, its a gesture of defiance.

    Single raised middle digit is the insult meaning ‘ Were gonna cut your finger off’.

  9. Stantz Stantz

    Yeah, Im from bible belt texas and even I know that one, it’s pretty universal among any english speaking population.

  10. Paul H. Paul H.

    Didn’t the 2 finger think originate from a taunt, displaying that the person still had the 2 fingers needed to draw a bow? I guess that kinda works with what Elbee said…

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  12. History History

    Considering the single finger gesture has been dated back to pre-Roman era, and the dual finger well before the English/Welsh longbow became much of a success, you’re all idiots.

    That being said, great comic.

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