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Coughing On Reality

I am currently charging up All The Things, because Wednesday I travel to Brighton to give the morning keynote at Improving Reality on Thursday.  Honor Harger very kindly and sweetly pinned me to the wall to decide what I was going to talk about, and the answer is a bit like this:

Warren will speak about the underpinning of Improving Reality in a talk entitled “How To See The Future.”  Atemporality and retromania, JG Ballard’s “boring future” and “manufactured normalcy” all tend to mitigate against Improving Reality, because they tell us whatever we do will be kind of dull in the end.  Warren finds this uninteresting, and instead would rather hold a seance for the future and launch the room into The Science Fiction Condition.

I obviously reserve the right to ignore all this and just fling handfuls of my own lung tissue at the audience while screeching about being forced to get out of bed before noon.

I believe they’re videoing the entire event, and I’ll post the full text of my bit when I get home.

Very much hoping to get a pint with Lauren Beukes, Professor Elemental, Kemper Norton, Joe Stannard, Petra Davis and other luminaries.

Waiting on some press releases to pop.  Forwards!

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