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Correction In Re: “JG Ballard’s Last Short Story”

Addendum to this post: I’ve just been forwarded, via the good offices of Paul Di Filippo, a listserv post from sf magazine INTERZONE’s cofounder David Pringle:

"Don’t think it has been mentioned (?) on list, but ’the last (Ballard) short story’, The Dying Fall, was published in today’s [25 April 2009] ’Review’ [separate section] of the Guardian. 1.5 (newspaper) pages long, and illustrated with a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa…"

First published in _Interzone_, April 1996!

Does _The Guardian_ tell its readers that? No. They’re trying to pass off the story as a new-found "last story." Thus are magazines in our field shabbily treated.

Technically, they’re correct that it was his "last short story," because Ballard wrote no more after that as far as I’m aware.

I’m pleased the paper has seen fit to reprint it from our pages after 13 years — but I wish they had been more honest in their presentation.

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  1. I emailed the Guardian Readers’ Editor about this and they will be publishing a correction in the Friday 1 May issue. No doubt a short sentence hidden in the dark recesses of the paper and in a type-size invisible to the human eye, but it’s something.

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