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Comments should be activated again, briefly, while I work some things out and until people start pissing me off again.

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  1. Doesn’t seem to be backdated, so just a quick thanks for the first 4am. :)

  2. Who in the world would want to piss you off?

  3. Drew Drew

    I’m in a hurry, and maybe this is the wrong section, I can never tell. But thanks for the great work on Crooked Little Vein.

    I read the better parts of chapter four aloud at an open mic event at a college in upstate NY, and they fled. Like COCKROACHES.

    I believe my new title will be ‘anus boy’

  4. D D

    I just started Crooked Little Vein today. Now I’m reading it INSTEAD OF teaching high schoolers…bad teacher.

  5. David David

    I sit at my desk and ignore my students, so that I may continue to read Crooked Little Vein. Bad teacher.

  6. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Yeah, I knew about that. Cocksuckers etc etc

  7. Hex Hex

    Time to start drinking again. I have my reasons.

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