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  1. Fred Hunder Fred Hunder

    Thanks muchly.

  2. […] Warren Ellis is offering the downloadable, critiqueable scripts from three of his recently published works. Interesting, especially if you’re as nerdy as I.   […]

  3. Paul D Paul D


  4. So, that’s what a comic script looks like, eh? Weird.

  5. Ken Ken

    Neat. I’ve seen Dredd scripts published occasionally by the House of Tharg and that’s kinda what I’ve based my formatting on. Good to see how El Swami does it.

  6. Cole Cole

    Interesting, they differ from film scripts, but not by much.

    I wonder:

    * what writing program do you use (noticed the ‘Continued over page’ and ‘PAGE – continued’ – which seems automated)?

    * Is dialogue always in caps or is that your touch?


  7. I use plain old MS Word.

    ‘Continued over page’ and ‘PAGE – continued’ actually aren’t automated.

    I wrote a few small macros, for (no dialogue), converting fonts etc.

    If a book is to be lettered block caps, then I’ll write the dialogue block caps so I can see how it’ll look on the page. If it’s to be lettered sentence case, then I’ll write the dialogue in sentence case.

  8. Thank you. I love it when gifts drop from heaven.


  9. Andy Andy

    Thanks Warren! It’s always helpful to see how the pros do things.

  10. Orde Orde


  11. Brian Manton Brian Manton

    Any chance of a Global Frequency script?

    One with an earlier draft included would be lovely, to see how you went about cutting it down.


  12. Writing on computer eliminated “the earlier draft” for me.

  13. Interesting to read your descriptions.

    Amazing of you to share. Many thanks, O Internet Jesus.

  14. Gerry Gerry

    Hi Warren,

    Thanks for sharing!


  15. Michael Suzio Michael Suzio

    I know Straczynski’s book on scriptwriting is considered a good reference. Anything comparable for writing for comics? How much do you think the two mediums overlap in scripting?

    I find myself more and more thinking in film terms when I formulate anything that isn’t straight prose. I seem to have gotten that same sort of impression from prior scripts of yours (the script for that prior project with the angel that you got Marvel to buy again in “Ultimate Extinction”) – do you write in a greatly different style for film/tv vs. comics?

    Just curious, my lord.

  16. Wow. Warren Ellis really loves us. Thank you so much for sharing your genius.

    great reads.

  17. Wes Jackson Wes Jackson

    Will Desolation Jones continue? REALLY like the story and the art.

  18. Awesome! Trying to write, I thought to myself: “Man, I really need see how that Ellis chap does his thing.”

    And here we are.

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