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Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-10-03

  • Palin team learned from Obama, Biden didn’t: she’s talking to the camera, he’s talking to the room. Also, Biden may have been sedated. #
  • Why does Biden keep flashing her that smile? Does he think he’s got a chance with her or something? He looks fucking smitten. #
  • Palin invokes fear of “the Feds.” Next up: Barack Obama has black helicopters. #
  • I can actually hear parts of America passing out as Biden talks. #
  • @CatJones there should be a decent transcript up at the NYT in the morning, I’d expect. #
  • Palin: global warming is caused by Satan draping his big gay testicles over the planet #
  • I think she just called him “Senator Obiden.” #
  • @josienutter has given me an idea. For a fee, persons may marry me in order to enter the UK. I would like many wives, for nursing purposes. #
  • @AdamTracey my bit on RESOLUTE has been all done for many months, I’m out of the loop now. Sorry, can’t update you. #
  • Good morning doomed Americans! Another day on the road to PRESIDENT PALIN for you! Helloooo! #
  • An obituary: #
  • I wonder if the THAT’S MY BUSH crew are geared up for THAT DOGGONE PRESIDENT PALIN? #
  • I am watching with some astonishment an ep of LAW & ORDER SVU in which the dead victim was sodomised with a violin bow. A VIOLIN BOW. #
  • I mean, all the shit that was talked about the “horrible,weird” stuff in my novel: and there on US network tv – violin-bow sodomy. #
  • Yeah, I’M the bad guy, but Mariska bloody Hargitay just got another Emmy for tearily muttering “sodomised…with a violin bow.” Fucksticks. #
  • 15 years of “Warren, why put disgusting stuff in these nice comics?” On TV: “SODOMISED WITH A VIOLIN BOW. Now look at some Doritos ads.” #
  • This is how people become serial killers, you know. #

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  1. […] And although it wins Emmys, it was L&O: Rape Exploitation Unit that gave us the famous “sodomized with a violin bow.” For God’s sake, Harper’s Island opened with a dude tied alive to a boat […]

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