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Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-07-14

  • @xenijardin you will now always be “seksi blogcuyu” to me. #
  • @sispurrier ruins the neighborhood. #
  • @emmavieceli …cookies? #
  • @emmavieceli in your head, we seem to be some kind of bizarre cookie-centric buddy cop movie. #
  • Eating packaged sushi and watching THE CORE. The sheer rock and roll of the writer’s life burns holes through walls, it really does. #
  • For those asking: THE CORE was written by a good friend of mine. #
  • I should have give Edison from EDISON HATE FUTURE ( ) his own Twitter account #
  • The human spirit is diminished every time Coldplay release a record. Soon, we will all have the souls of slugs, and it will be their fault. #
  • I can feel a “All The Things I Hate” rant coming on. Must resist. But, you know… Travis are recording a new album, too. #

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