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  1. I really like the portraits he does of characters from The Master and Margarita

  2. Melinda Melinda

    …. wow.

  3. Oooh, yeah.. he’s magnificent! Glad you like his works.

    He was also an insanely talented tattooist until recently – he’s only just sold his last ever tattoos in eBay auctions. I could still impale myself for not robbing the halal meat factory across the road and bidding for a tattoo. Gah.

    Anyway, I think his tattooing skills will definitely live on in his art – I, for one, always feel as if he treats his canvas more like skin than a clearly defined rectangular area with boundries on all four sides. I wish more artists would work that way.

  4. Real cool. Its like Low Brow meet Trevor Brown, with an touch of Suehiro Maruo. I am particularly keen on his nazi inspired layout and graphic design.

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