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China Rejects Ban On Sex-Selective Abortion

A committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), the legislature of China, has decided not to criminalize sex-selective abortions, the state-run China Daily reported Monday.

A proposed amendment to the criminal law would have punished anyone convicted of involvement in sex-selective abortions with a three-year prison sentence. Supporters of the measure are concerned about the disproportionate number of baby boys born in China – 119 per 100 girls – while opponents argue that women have a right to know the sex of a fetus. Earlier this month, the province of Hebei closed more than 200 clinics that officials said identified and aborted female fetuses…

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  1. And they’re doing sex selection in India, too. So two emerging nations with populations of at least a billion each are neighbors and are going to have a serious excess male population in the next couple of decades. Given our species’ traditional way of dealing with excess male population, I’m just a bit worried… particularly given that they both have nuclear weapons and the fallout could cross the Pacific Ocean.

  2. El Presidente El Presidente

    How do you tell the difference between (1) an abortion of a girl because she’s a girl and that’s not coo, or (2) a couple who will abort regardless, but knows its a girl?

    Not that China generally displays a lot of finesse in complex human-rights cases, but you can make a pretty valid slippery slope argument here. Just imagine if they tried to ban it in the States, and the uproar that would cause.

  3. James K James K

    It’s a wonderful country.

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