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Cherie Priest’s BONESHAKER

Did you read BONESHAKER yet? It’s probably my favourite "steampunky" novel, probably because it wears the steampunkiness so lightly, while genuinely having a touch of the punk to it (which, let’s face it, most steampunk doesn’t). It’s actually a fairly mental alternate-world story of mad scientists, outcasts, sealed cities, airships and, yes, zombies. And the whole melange works. More than works — it has a crazy prologue, a melancholy and foreboding beginning, and then about eighty pages in it starts stoking the furnace and rattles up to a glorious speed and doesn’t let up. It’s terrific fun. Also, Mike Mignola really liked it.

It’s just gone to a third printing, so all your decent bookstores and your Amazons will have it. I think that, in the US, Barnes & Noble are doing a special promotion with it for another week.


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  1. Alan Vickers Alan Vickers

    The Jon Foster cover staring off the shelf caught my eye last Saturday and the synopsis and recommendation blurbs clinched the deal. It’s been in my bag since then, but sleep deprivation has stopped me from making any headway. I’m only a couple of chapters into it, but so far so good. I’m looking forward to kicking back with it for a few hours this weekend.

  2. I’m waiting for mine to get here.

  3. Boneshaker is an excellent read. Thanks for posting the reminder — I’m always telling people about it, and Cherie deserves the fans for her creative style.

  4. Daniel Daniel

    Available for the Kindle…purchased and downloaded

  5. Canadian Ev Canadian Ev

    Another good piece of little-known Steampunk-esque writing: Whitechapel Gods by S.M.Peters. Lots of action and some really cool ideas; “You cannot fight the Boiler Men.” Heh.

    Don’t know if it’s available over there in the Old Country yet, though.

  6. Chris Chris

    I love how I can come across a recommendation like this, buy it online, and be reading it on my Kindle within moments.

    And to think that just last night I was getting frustrated with how I needed something new to read and Amazon’s recommendations were all things I wasn’t all that interested in.

  7. @Chris I have the same frustrations. The Kindle suggestions and store feel primitive compared to rest of Amazon.

  8. k paul blume k paul blume

    Have it on reserve in the library system for which I toil — the more I read about it, the more I lust for it.

  9. Fyfe Fyfe

    It is not out in Australia yet either *grumble* want it now don’t want to have to import it. Bastards.

  10. Dave Sansone Dave Sansone

    Read this book on my Kindle and really enjoyed it.Now I’m upset because this wait for the next volume is going to be agonizing.

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