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Chad Michael Ward Print Sale

Chad Michael Ward’s doing an emergency print sale to cover some sudden medical costs, selling his stuff cheaper than it’s ever been. Right now, he’s banging them out for $15 per print and $5 shipping. Domestic US-only, right now, but I’m betting that if you emailed him (his email’s at the link too, and you have to email him to order the prints anyway) you could probably work something out.


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  1. Holy crap, there’s some men with their tops off in there! Colour me impressed.

  2. Just wanted to inform that he will indeed ship to Canada.

  3. nekromistress nekromistress

    Canada is most likely going to be priority shipping since there has been much drama with sending things to Canada. Italy is a tough one too. Ugh, you know you have been doing Ebay for too long when you think about shipping things in the middle of the night.

    I also mainly wanted to post to let people know that the Salton Sea prints are for sale in case there has been some confusion. The link we had up showed framed prints with higher prices. Now there is no problem with buying the framed ones except a couple have sold already but if you want you are able to order prints of his salton sea series just like the rest of his sale. And c’mon the Salton Sea pics are hot. Boobs and gas masks are sexy.

  4. Was looking for ‘Saint Amie’ print cannot find. Any help??

  5. michael burd michael burd

    Is this sale still on? I have several prints I would like to purchase.


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