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  1. Rock out with your cock out!


    :O! Just what I need! ;)
    Although I still can’t stop laughing…
    For Penultimate Penetration!

  3. Works in ‘One Hour’, apparently.

    What good is that? How often are you so completely certain, with an hour’s notice, that an erection will be required? What if the evening doesn’t go well, and you end up saying something awful about her mother, and then halfway through your tiff you look down and there it is, all eager to please?

    I’d rather have ‘works immediately’ or ‘take the blue pill to make it slink silently away.’

    Not that, oh, just to make it clear, not that I need either! Yeah, that’s right. That’s right.

  4. It would be super-cool if you opened the little silver packet and two angry wasps flew out.

  5. it won’t let you down.

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