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Cities Are Matter Battles

I’m working on the non-fiction book this week, in between a dozen other things.  On Twitter, James Bridle reminded me that Timo Arnall of BERG has a Flickr account, and, there, I found this photo of Dan Hill of Fabrica giving a talk.  Which I’m clearly going to have to find and gank, partly because it strikes a few sparks off one element of the book, partly because I want to see where he takes that.  My abiding memory of Cognitive Cities was stories of people looking at the city like code, encoding the city (‘s processes), and then turning that data over and paying no attention to where that information went once it was out of their hands.

Also, I cannot right now come up with a better way to describe London.  Look at London’s maps, and London’s streets.  Plans and improv and eras just banging up against each other, road by road, sometimes door by door.

Look, I told you it was going to be free-association here this week.

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