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Category: mobilesignals

General rambly bullshit sent from the pub by wireless

Mobile Signals

I think the blog-by-mail function is working now, although there’s a time delay of a couple of hours that I can’t seem to iron out, and I need to alter the sending address (can’t send images from this one).

The "mobilesignals" category is intended to at least partially replace my mailing list, BAD SIGNAL. I’m keeping that list for alerts and announcements, but when I push a lot of information through that list it both gets virused and generates mail from people who are incapable of using the unsub instructions successfully. So, in the interests of both maintaining a space to think out loud and save lots of time and annoyance, a lot of the rambly thinkstuff will go up here.

I should thank Joshua "no relation" Ellis for setting up WordPress for me, as the code on modern blog systems makes me shit my pants. Right now, we’re in default view, but Josh should be prettifying it very soon.

— W

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