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[BAD SIGNAL] Just Notes Today

bad signal

I have a couple of important things
to finish today, so just notes:

*  Tweetr: best desktop app for
Twitter I've found so far.

*  8hands: very interesting desktop
app.  Windows-only right now, as it's
in early Alpha, and generally Not
Right Yet: but it's a desktop app that
monitors multiple social networks
for you.  I have mine watching
MySpace, Flickr and Facebook
simultaneously, reporting new
events and messages in realtime.
Could be massively useful in the
long term.  At least for me.

*  Very into desktop apps right
now.  Pownce's desktop app finally
started working properly the other
day; its most interesting use is as
a system to push files between a
group of friends, much more
smoothly than regular IM achieves
it.  I'm there as
right now, so if there's anyone I
know who's still using it, ping me.

*  (My eyesight still gives out when
scanning the list of people following
me on Twitter to see if there's 
anyone I know there.)

*  Am still amazed at how busy The
Club Of Mars is.  Glad to see 800-odd
of you having fun with it.

*  I'm at the pub and don't have URLs,
google the things.

*  Trying to stop myself from
buying a bunch of domain names --
I don't have time for new projects.

*  Except that Ariana and I spent
the weekend (across 8 hrs time
difference) testing a new idea I
specced out the other week, and
we might get that up on its feet
for private testing in another week
or so.  And I need to come up with
a name for that today, too.  Gah.

*  (She basically smashed three or
four systems together to create
a slowchat: asynchronous rolling
group conversation -- like a super-
charged version of the old IRC
always-open channels people used
to live in.  Anyone remember that?
Where you used to sign in when you
got up and sign out when you
crashed?  Or, of course, the old
chat room on WEF, which served
the same purpose for many.)

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